How to change the number of issues per page in the Github issue tracker?

I was wondering, is it possible to change the number of issues displayed per page on a github repo’s issue page? Maybe something in user preferences?

I noticed that there seems to be some way to do it via the github API, but I was wondering if there was a way to do this on just by adding something to the end of the issues link, or something like that.

If this doesn’t exist, here’s something like a feature request, if it helps:

  • If possible, I would like to display 100, 1000 or all the issues on a single page. Anything to increase the number of issues per page would be welcome.
  • I would be OK with a very barebones issue page, I would prefer it if it wasn’t “infinitely scrolling” like Youtube’s search results that loaded more issues only when you scrolled down. I’m alright with even reading a plain text list of issue links.
  • The reason I don’t like infinite scrolling is because sometimes I want to use Ctrl+F in my browser to find keywords or parts of keywords, and also the noticeable lag when I am scrolling through looking for something, but can’t think of an exact search term.
  • If there’s no way to do that without killing the Github server because the API wasn’t designed for it, I understand.

I guess I could look into making a script to do this. if it’s not possible.

Hi @amelvill-umich!

It is not currently possible to change how Issues are displayed in this way on The API does allow you to change how many issues are pulled, so you could write a script to interact with the API in that way to build a custom interface allowing you to get the information and customization that you want.

If you’d rather log this as a feature request, I recommend using the official GitHub feedback form which goes to our product and engineering teams. You can always add a link to this forum topic to reduce how much you have to copy and paste into the feedback form if you wish.


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Thanks for the reply, I have submitted feedback using the form.

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