How to change/remove git lab acount in contributor list

First there is a github repo I created personally , and usually using my own github account to do the push action . Then accidentally I used my company’s gitlab account to perform the push action , then the contributor list include two man which actually are just me. So I tried to change/remove the gitlab account with below ways, but none of them work , anyboby met similar issue?

  • delete my gitlab account

  • use this command but can’t push , always remind me behind the remote commit ,seems local overwritten branches not able to cover remote ones

git filter-branch --env-filter '
if [ "$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME" = "OLD NAME" ]; then \
  • rename branch to ‘xx1’ then rename again back to ‘xx’

It’s a bit confusing what you’re trying to do. For this is the GitHub Community Forum, for help with GitLab better check their forum.

The filter-branch command will only change the author information in the commits you apply it to, it has nothing to do with accounts in any online service.

Sry , I updated the description, please check again if possible, thx