How to change my status of a PR from APPROVED to COMMENTED

We have GitHub safety features such that a PR requires at least 2 approvals before it can be merged. But, this PR was merged w/ only one approval:

I went to some trouble to change my, @mulkieran’s, status to COMMENTED. I would have preferred to remove myself entirely from the list of reviewers, but I see that I can not do that.

Anyway, the list of reviewers shows @mulkieran with a little yellow circle next to their name, not a green check meaning approved. So, clearly part of the GUI is interpreting my status wrt. the PR as not APPROVED. But the part that prevents the PR from being merged w/out two APPROVING reviewers interprets my state wrt. the PR as APPROVED, and allows the merge.

The big question: How can I make GitHub know that I am a neutral reviewer, who is neither requesting changes nor registering approval and have the GitHub security features do the right thing in this case? It should be possible to change my mind in this way, and allow other reviewers the final say.

As far as I am concerned, this is a bug.

Hi @mulkieran,

This is working as intended, but I can see how this could be frustrating. I’ve passed  your feedback on to our product team for consideration. While I can’t say if or when the ability to change your review status might be implemented, it will be announced in the GitHub Changelog if it is.