How to browse a github wiki repository via github?

github wiki repository can be cloned (e.g. git clone [](, but can it be browsed via github interface like a project repository (e.g. firefox []( If so, what is the URL?

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You can browse and edit GH Wiki’s by going to You can also get there by going to the main repo page and then clicking the ‘Wiki’ tab (in the same navigation element as the “Issues” and “Pull request” buttons).

EDIT:  So in your example you would reach the Wiki by going to

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I want a way to view wiki repo as files (as in Code tab), not as pages (as in Wiki tab), without cloning wiki repo locally.


No you can’t do that using the GH platform. There may be, however, a 3rd party services that provides this functionality.

I also don’t really see the added value. What are you trying to achieve?

I want to see whole history (all changes in whole wiki repo), not by clicking every page> Edit> Page History.


I have this same need. Having easy access to the *.md file urls would allow easier use of  Currently, to use gitprint on wiki pages the process is:

  1. Start with the wiki page URL:

  2. Add “.md”:

  3. Browser sends you to raw file:

  4. Copy the part starting with wiki:  wiki/user/repo/

  5. Add it to gitprint url: