How to become a better programmer / web developer

I’ve been a web developer for about 15 years and have worked solo for the last dozen or so.  Not having technical colleagues, means I’m mostly self taught.  I recently learned ASP.NET Core / MVC from watching YouTube toturials and started a work project with it. 

But I’m curious how others work on becoming better and how do you decide what to focus on?  Do you use YouTube, read books, online tutorials, github, ???

For the most part, I learn a new language like JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby, or what-have-you by reading a book or the language’s documentation, if any, and then follow up with or Project Euler if there isn’t an Exercism track for the language. For frameworks like Rails, Phoenix, etc, I build a small project or two in it. Any time I hit a road block in either of those processes, I generally have enough to go on that I can search for the solution using my search engine of choice.


ich frage euch wie kann ich eine gut programmer zu sein weil ist my beste hoppy und  ich frage euch obsie haben einige bucher oder website die mich helfen um eine programmer zu werden vielen im voraaus 

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