How to batch actions?

Is there any way to batch Actions? I’m migrating from Azure Pipelines which has the following option:

batch: boolean # batch changes if true (the default); start a new build for every push if false

Since mac builds are fairly expensive, I don’t want to run a build for each push. One at a time is enough. Or can I cancel all previous builds when a new push comes in?

Hi @figbug ,

Sorry that ‘batch’ function same as azure pipeline currently is not supported in Github Actions. 

And cannot cancel a previous workflow run automatically when a new push comes in. Have to manually cancel in the actions tab.

It’s similar with the ticket which is answered.


Hi @figbug ,

I wrote an action to adress this problem, in case that it is useful to you:

I ended up using this one:

I’ll check your out too to see how they compare.