How to avoid misclassification of my language (that Linguist doesn't yet know about)?

I’m the maintainer of MiniScript, a new-ish programming language (since 2017) that is growing but still small. Linguist doesn’t know about it, and its contributing docs say

We try only to add languages once they have some usage on GitHub. In most cases we prefer that each new file extension be in use in hundreds of repositories before supporting them in Linguist.

OK, I get that, and we’re not there yet; I know of maybe a half-dozen repos containing MiniScript files, so I won’t yet campaign to add it to Linguist.

However, it’d be nice if all our MiniScript files were not misclassified as MAXScript. This happens despite a .gitattributes file attempting to correct it (see this repo for example).

What can be done in this situation? If Linguist can’t correctly identify the file/project language, how do we at least keep it from misidentifying them?