How to avoid jumping issues numbers when using Github boards

If you create a board in the Github’s repository project section, once you create a Pull Request, a new issue is added and available to drag into the board from the Add cards button.

So if you create an issue, and then create a Pull Request to solve that issue, it will create a new issue number for each Pull Request created, jumping the order.

Instead I would like to disable this behaviour for the Pull Requests, that is, that when a Pull Request is created, it won’t generate a new issue number.

In case the problem it’s not clear enough, let me make a workflow example:

Let’s say you create an issue, for example issue #1, then you create a branch for that issue and when the work it’s done you create a Pull Request. In that moment a new issue number will be assigned to the Pull Request with the number #2 and it will be available in the Add cards button inside the project.

Hi amalv!

I’m afraid this is not possible, sorry! At the database level, issues and pull requests are the same thing, so they share one numbering system between them.

We can’t make them use separate counts. Sorry that’s not the answer you were hoping for!