How to avoid API rate limiting

Hello to everyone,
I’m using Dependabot and my packages have some continous integration checks that I run on each PR.

Unfortunately, it often happen that my actions reach the API rate limit.

To mitigate the issue, I’ve implemented a cache to store dependencies and this improved a bit the issue, but not solved it at all.

Is there a way to increase the API limit or, on the other side, retry the failed jobs due to the API limit?

Currently I have over 90 PRs opened and the reason for them to fail is the reach of the limit and so I have to rerun them and this requires a lot of time, also because I have to keep attention to not reach the limit again.

This also causes issues as if I have to upgrade dependencies locally, I anyway have the limit reached and so I have to stop development, waiting for the limit to reset.

They are open source packages for the most part.