How to Authorize GitHub?

Hi Github Community,

I’m having trouble while loging in to github from website. After entering “username” and “password”, it shows this page but does not enable the “Authorize desktop” button.
I can’t tell if I’m not using it correctly, or if It’s not executing correctly.
Please suggest specifically the steps ‘how to authorize github with git or github desktop’ from git bash or github desktop.

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facing problems during pull/push my code into github repository using cmd prompt for last 2 days. please try to resolve this issue. Logon failed, use ctrl+c to cancel basic credential prompt. Username for ‘’: VivekN147 Password for ‘’: remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for…auth2

Hi VivekN, welcome to the GitHub community.

For the issues with pushes failing. There were recent updates to how to authenticate with GitHub after a long deprecated notice for basic authentication (username and password). Access from the command line should now be done by way of a personal access token, the documentation for which is here:

As for your issue with GitHub desktop, can you make sure your GitHub Desktop is up to date and try all the steps in this resource:

If you have 2FA enabled on your account be sure to have your 2FA device nearby.


Hi billythekid,
Thank you for the quick help, I was previously created token and apply it through command line. But still I face same “logon failed” error. It actually not accepting username or password when it prompting to “signing in using your browser” and push command terminated.
GitHub Menubar is not showing the “File” option
Then how to use this documentation.

Hi again VivekN,

It seems that the green button will be disabled until such time as the browser gets focus. It might be that it won’t enable if you have javascript turned off.

Please ensure you’re using one of our supported browsers when trying this with javascript enabled and see how you get on.

The file option is missing on the welcome window, before the sign in step. It should appear when you get past this step.


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hi billy,
This issue is almost resolved now thanks for all the guidance.

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