How to apply for the GitHub Discussions

Dear GitHub team,

I am the project leader of Milvus is an open source similarity search engine for massive-scale feature vectors.

We noticed that GitHub Discussions has been in beta phase for several months. This feature will be extremely useful for us. We want to use this feature. Would you please tell me how to apply for it?

Thank you very much.

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Hi @JinHai-CN! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

I can pass your request to join the beta to the Discussions team. They need to know the username of one of the lead maintainers who will be their main point of contact for gathering feedback - would that be you?

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Hi Yamiacat and yes, it’s me.

Hi @JinHai-CN - I’ll pass those details to the team! You’ll be added to the feedback repo, and once you’ve been added you can enable Discussions in the milvus-io/milvus repository settings.

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@yamiacat Thank you for your help.