How to apply .CRT to GitHub application


Our webfilter seems to be limiting access through the GitHub application and I think I found the documentation to apply the .CRT file, but I was unable to find any similar threads on the support forum. To clarify, if our users connect through the command line, or chrome/ie, they can access their projects (forgive me, I do not personally use GitHub, but our users are experiencing issues with a new web filter we’ve deployed so we’re out here hunting solutions) and clone repositories as expected, but when using the GitHub App, an error is reported. The .CRT has been applied to their workstations locally.

How can we apply the same .CRT so that the GitHub App’s web traffic is filtered properly? I’ve found this doc, but I wanted to know whether its possible to apply the certificate to a local installation first, or if we have to apply the cert to our “Enterprise.”

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It sounds like you have a self hosted GitHub Enterprise.

I’d strongly recommend you open a ticket so your account and certificate specifics can be discussed more securely.

Sounds good. I let the users know that someone with access should report the issue for further support. Thank you so much!

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