How To and / or examples

New To GitHub. So I might be wrong - even posting hte wrong question at the wrong place.

Looking for a way to make a VS C# app recognize my camera as a storage device.

Figured it is a WPD - “Window Portable Device”, which makes sense.

Can’t really find any usefull links. There are plenty, but none that off hand can do what I need.
So fund two on GItHub in VS - MediaDevices and Prtable devices.
Installed first one then the others.
And they are there, the .dll’s - and I can find no documentation, ne description, no how to and no examples.
So basically useless.
One allegedly has an app - my version or setup of VS will not even load the project file.

I can read the source-files.
And it will take untill around forever, to figure thing out.

Not asking for help on solivng my problem, but for help on how to use the work you fine people are doing and sharing, if you do not document or supply other ways to figure it out.
Kind of like - if you don’t tell people how to use your work, what is the point of sharing it?

Hi @birger52,

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Hi @birger52,

I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with this project. Just to be super clear, it’s up to each repository owner to add any necessary How-To guides and other documentation to explain to other GitHub users how their repository code works – GitHub itself isn’t responsible for that. :slight_smile:

In this instance, I’d recommend also asking over on StackOverflow since they have a community of dedicated C# programmers who might be able to provide further insight to making this VS C# app specifically — of course, it’s also possible that someone might come along with more insight here too!

I’m so sorry I don’t have a great solution for you now, I wish I could help more with that but if you have any questions about this at all or if I can help with anything else please just let me know. I’m really happy to help further!

Kindest regards,


Thank you Matthew.

Don’t think I’m expecting a solution to my problem.
Just wish, developers would supply information on how to use their work.
Method name (Entrypoints), return value(s) and call parameters, with a short explanation in words - not code - to describe what the method does.

I do have an account at StackOverfow and at Code Project as well…
Have asked 5 questions earlier - that was answered with being duplicate of another question (that I couldn’t use).

I have given up on connecting my camera to my for now, and focus on the rest of the app. But it will need to be connected later - maybe when I am a little more experienced myself.