How to add some functions to an app develpped by python?

I’m learning python, and started to build a GUI with tkinter as basic project youtube downloader app, but still want to add some more functions such as where to save the file? and to select the quality, high resolution, low quality video, or just sound?
and how to export this app to be exe file and work ib desktop without need to open pycharm editor?
How to search for a specific code into python libraries to accomplish some specific fundtions?
your help will be highly appreciated, and thanks in advance,

Your questions are a little too broad and unspecific.

If you want some help with a specific task, you’ll want to post a link to your github repo and ask about that specific task.

I’d also suggest using some resources such as this free Tkinter book or another free book.

Building a stand-alone exe file for python is difficult. To run your program on the command line (i.e. not using pycharm) you write the following in a terminal window:


This would be in the folder where “” exists. [Also assumes Python 3; if you’re using Python 2, it would be “python”, not “python3”.]