How to Add Repository from New Computer

I know this is probably a super basic thing, but I just can’t figure it out. I got a new computer, so I downloaded my repository from Github, now I want to back it up again, but if I click add repository, it just says,“This does not appear to be a GitHub repository, would you like to create one here instead?”

How do I add this repository? I didn’t delete the Git files or anything.

There’s some important information missing, I’m afraid.

What do you mean by “download”? To me that sounds a bit like you might have downloaded a ZIP archive instead of cloning. If that’s the case you didn’t create a local git repository, you just got the files.

That sounds like you’re using a git GUI. If you add which one maybe someone who’s familiar with it can help (probably not me, I use the command line almost exclusively).

I’m pretty sure I cloned the repository, but I’m not sure.

I use the GitHub Desktop application.

Thank you! I’ve moved the topic to the “How to use Git and Github” section, I hope someone who’s familiar with Github Desktop and can help will see it there.


Okay, well I was able to figure it out on my own, I cloned it again, this time from the GitHub program, and just moved all my project files from the current build into that new folder and it allowed me to commit.