How to add multiple files to my repo

Hi, I had made a repo in Github pages and added 1 file to it. It works fine. But I wanted to add another file to the same repo and view it in my site. I added it but it only shows the first file on my site, not the second one. How to view the second file on my site? Please give me an answer as soon as possible.


LINK OF REPO- GitHub - madhavjaigarg/ This Is my Blog

Link of file which works- at 6956d5cecd7fac03efd5afecba14cbef25d00876 · madhavjaigarg/ · GitHub

Link of file which does not work- at 6956d5cecd7fac03efd5afecba14cbef25d00876 · madhavjaigarg/ · GitHub

Hi @madhavjaigarg, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It looks like you’ve deleted that second file from your repository. Do you still need help with this?

Your second file should be available at the direct link including the file name, like so: You will need to make sure that your file has a URL-safe name though, meaning no spaces in the title. IT can also take up to 10 minutes fo a Pages site to deploy so you might have to wait if your file isn’t available immediately after pushing.

Thank you for such a fast reply. But I figured it out pretty soon after I posted the Topic. I am very sorry if I troubled you.