How to add github-hosted runner in actions?

When I goto Github settings–>actions, there is only one option to add runner(self-hosted). There is no option to add runner(github-hosted). Even diffrent blogs talk about self-hosted runner but no information about github-hosted runner.

  1. How to add a github-hosted runner under actions?

  2. Do github charges for github-hosted runners?

  3. Can we enable hardware virtualization in github-hosted runner? 

  1. A GitHub-hosted runner is a virtual machine hosted by GitHub with the GitHub Actions runner application installed. You cannot add hosted runner under actions setting. The usage is to involve hosted runner in the workflow file, it’s mentioned here.
  2. It’s free for public repositories. For private repositories, each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free minutes and storage, depending on the product used with the account. You will be billed for any minutes or storage beyond the limits. Please check more detail here.
  3. Github provides docker container and services in the hosted-runner, you can involve them in the workflow file. Please check the link for more details.

Do Github charges for self-hosted runners also? If yes, please share the details.

There is a bug for self-hosted runner in tracking: Self-hosted runners aren’t used when max allowed time is reached.

According to the reply, Github doesn’t charge for self-hosted runner or at least will change the billing plan for self-hosting runner.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: