How to add changed files only


I’m not sure if I’m asking this the right way or if it is duplicated, my apology.

I’m running a prestashop store and I noticed changes with each new version they build.

so at each Improvement/Bug Fix etc… you will find changed files as there is a “Changed Files” Tab that will indicates which file have been edited or corrected for such bug or improvement.

My question is:

Is there anyway I can get those changes automatically and merge them -if that’s the right term- with my own branch? Or Do I have to go along with each file, make the edit manually, re-upload the files back then commit and push?

If there is a way to auto edit files without doing it manually then is it possible that it can overwrite my customized code from the file in question? like If they have edited file X line 324 to 340 and I have my own function in line 360, will that function vanish?

I’m just trying to get the best out of Github repos and thank you very much for the great service :slight_smile:

Hi @tzak902,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

I would actually highly recommend you take a look at the “Managing Merge Conflicts” course in our GitHub Learning Lab. It will walk you through the process of dealing with this type of situation step by step, in an interactive tutorial.

Of course, if you still have questions after going through that, please do feel free to come back here and ask.