How to add authorized applications

What I want to achieve (Authorize slack):

Question: How could I add slack as my authorized applications? Thanks!

BTW, I did try to install the slack app at –, but after checking the setting, the slack app is still not showing up.

What I have seen( No action item or guide):

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Hello @HaoyuHouzz and welcome. How are you going?

I’m very curious to know what happens after you visit and then click Add to Slack

It should take you, here:

Is this what you see? I would hope so! Once you login to your Slack instance, what happens? Do you notice any errors elevated in the browser?

Hi @nethgato Sorry for the late reply. I did try to add slack from there. But it still just doesn’t show up slack app as my authorized application at github.

Hey @HaoyuHouzz o/

Nice to hear from you, again! That’s unfortunate to know you’re still having issues =(

Could you please describe what happens after signing into your workspace? It would be great to have an understanding of what comes next.

Are you then redirected? Do you see any errors? Presumably, in Slack, you don’t see a confirmation of the add for the integration?

Any more detail you can provide about what happens after the point I mentioned in my last post, would be very helpful.