How to add an link into image?

Hi I can make through my Samsung galaxy core device clickable images for "pinterest " ? I mean to say that I want download some photos through Google and add my a special link into the images.

Hey! Can your provide more details as to what you are trying to do with respect to GitHub?

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I want to send visitors on my affiliate website if anyone click on those images.because the some attractive images are available about my affiliate website. That’s is it .

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It’s still unclear what the git/Github question is.

If you’re asking how to link things on Pinterest to a third party site that’s a question for Pinterest not Github.

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Hey, so you are trying to add an image that is also an embedded link to a different site? Try googling “how to add a link to an image with html” and there should be a lot of tutorials. If you run into a specific issue, please post it here and I can try to help. Happy holidays!

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I am join a affiliate network and i found some good images which related about those products which I want to promote through social media. I want add the my special like on those images. If anyone clicked on the images then he go to directly main website. Those images I want to download on Google

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