How to add a label to an issue in GitHub project

Hi,this is the first time I post a issue on github project,after posted it ,I want to add a label on this issue,but I have problem with that,so I find the github doc for help,and follow the topic Managing labels - GitHub Docs ,but can’ add a lable on my issue too,because i can’t find ths so call “the checkbox” next to the items I want to apply a label to. Please help me ,thanks!

@bolinlee , welcome to the community,

The checkbox (if you have permission) is immediately to the left of the issue as shown in the documentation page you linked 3. Select the checkbox next to the items you want to apply a label to.

If you create an issue on a repository you own you will definitely see a checkbox.
Aa example of issues you have no permissions (and hence no checkbox would be
You should however see the checkbox option for issues in one of your own repositories<repository-name>/issues

Hi byrneh,
Thank you for your reply. In my case ,the repository is not belong to me,I just post a issue on it. and I want to know whether I can add a label on this issue in this case,thanks!

Hi @bolinlee, if you cannot add the label you do not have the permission needed.
```Anyone with read access to a repository can view and search the repository’s labels. Anyone with triage access to a repository can apply/dismiss existing labels. To create, edit, apply, or delete a label, you must have write access to the repository`

Hi, byrneh
I see,thank you very much!