How to add a image to a github-io-page!?

dear community,

how to add a image to a github-io-page!?

i still do not know

a. how to formate this
b. where to store this - either on imgur or some other images-hoster!?

You should be able to upload your image files directly to your repository. Once you’ve done that you can add your images to your site using a relative link.

If you’re using markdown for your site you’ll want to format the link like this:

![Image description](image.png)

If you’re using HTML then you’ll want to format it like this:

<img src="image.png" alt="Image description">

If you upload your image inside a folder then you may also need to include the full path to the image too:

<img src="assets/images/image.png" alt="Image description">