How to access git submodule's file through

I use a software to synchronize updates to users’ files: by accessing to provide update and check update function
But there was a problem when I was going to convert some subdirectories into git submodules:When access the content of git submodule file through, 404 will be returned instead of the file content
What shall I do?

Submodules are separate Git repositories, so you’d have to look up the URL for the submodule and download from there, with the file path adjusted to be relative to the directory containing the submodule.

That said, wouldn’t it be easier to set up a local Git repository (including submodules) and pull to check for updates?

Unfortunately, the main program is not developed by me, and it is an antique many years ago. My project just runs on this main program :rofl:
However, I found another simple and practical solve: create a mirror without submodule for provide update function :+1: