How to access files that are committed inside GitHub Actions?

Our GitHub Action workflow executes when we commit a file on GitHub that files could be any doc file. Inside GitHub Actions run .exe file, that is generating HTML files based on doc file. That HTML files are committed and push inside the same GitHub workflow actions. We are trying to deploy these HTML files on another Repository. Before this, we have tried to get these HTML files inside the same GitHub action workflow through a directory or commit id but could not. For example, ls “path”, checked with the latest commit(git rev-parse --short “$GITHUB_SHA”) this always returns doc’s commit id that is committed from GitHub, not HTML file’s commit id, but we want that HTML’s commit id or HTML files that is committed inside GitHub workflow actions.

We would appreciate your help.

GITHUB_SHA is the ID of the commit that triggered the workflow, it won’t change if you create additional ones. If you want the IDs of new commits you create within the workflow you have to use the usual Git means to get them, e.g. git rev-parse --short HEAD for a short ID of the latest commit.