How Redirect HTTPS to https://www in WordPress

How to redirect https:// websitename to https://www. websitename I am using really simple SSL with Cloudflare. I installed WordPress with HTTP I use HTTPS for 15 days. now I changed HTTPS to (https:// www) but HTTPS does not redirect with (https:// www) HTTP, http:// www working fine only problem with HTTPS. HTTPS does not redirect with (https:// www)

You’ll need to ensure that you have enabled .htaccess and mod_rewrite on your server, then you can write some RegEx based rules to redirect specific URLs after having transformed them as you need.

As far as I can remember, in the WP admin panel there is a dedicated menu to write these rules, without having to manually edit the .htaccess file (but it has been a long time since I last checked).

Possibly, since you want to just allow the domain with and without the trailing www, you should be able to solve this in you domain panel — i.e. if you bought the domain from some provider. Some hosting services offer this kind of option directly in their CPanel.

So you don’t necessary need to fix this in WP. In any case, all these solutions operate through redirection rules, so the principles mentioned in my first answer are used in all cases, at the server level.