How much to charge for a brand deal on YouTube (1mio views)?

Dear community

I am a Swiss YouTuber and wondering how much I can charge a brand (in cash). Considering these points:

  • I have 133K subscribers and about 50mio views on social media
  • The up-coming videos will surely reach at least 1mio views , 2-5mio is also likely (eg. part2 ofthis video)
  • Giving the brand a 10sec, integrated shoutout/ad in the beginning of the video, also tags and links in description
  • My audience is mostly: Male, 18-34y old, from US Germany Spain UK India Turkey (descending order)

My questions are:

  1. What is a fair CPM to expect when writing the “sponsorship/influencer proposal” ?
  2. What is the common time period that counts towards the payout? Most views usually arrive within one month, but what if the video goes viral 6 months later… so what to put into the contract? One year time span?
  3. How to define the maximum/cap that has to be paid, eg. if the video goes really viral ?
  4. Am I expected to turn off monetization on a branded video? How much should it influence the CPM that I charge ?

Thank you in advance for your time and answers, I appreciate any hints. :slight_smile:

Best, Steven

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