How many time to refresh the repository in the GitHub API ?


I pushed a new repository, let’s say named test in the servoz organisation.
As a first use of the API, I want a global view of this repository and I type in a shell:
% curl # linux OS
I observe in the return:
“size”: 0,
So I deduce that the repository is not yet updated via the API, right ?
Is it done when it is possible (:slight_smile: or what is the rule (after 1 min, 5 mins, etc … other way to do ?)
thanks by advance

I tracked the delay between a push on Github and the update of the data via the GitHub’s API.

I observed that the update takes place exactly one hour after the push.

I haven’t done any other pushes in the meantime between the push and push+1h. What would be the result if other pushes are made in the interval?

I would do other tests later, but the answer to my first question, seems to be: 1 hour.