How long for a reply on "Your account has been flagged"

Already Answered thanks:

Hey to day I sigend up, I us tor rely and aways will, I had a old account and my friend is fine but I signed up today and got soon as I got from the sign up page a flag, this is not fair to say the least NO flag should be given on first sign up at all, this will scare some new users away.

But I did the contact option, I need to know how long it takes them to reply to this as I am right now unable to show my work or start my work as I am in the sites words hidden.

If this a think I going to face with using tor rely if so I delete my account and use another platform.


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Hi @brim45,

I’m going to post a reply here for future reference, if any other user should see your thread while searching the forum for a similar issue.

This question is already answered in another thread here. I’d recommend checking there for your answer. In an effort to keep the Community Forum organized and make it easier for other users to find information, we ask that users continue the conversation in existing threads, instead of opening new ones about the same topic. For this reason, I’ll be closing this Topic, and you can continue the conversation in the original thread, if you’d like.

As mentioned in that other post, you’ll need to reach out to private support for help with this. We can’t discuss specific account details in the public forum.