How github issues reactions live update

How github issues reactions live update the likes count & comments in the webpage, may i know what stacks or technology being used in the github issues frontend & backend? Its like magic to me, that github able to push the update of content to the issue page without websocket & sse. How does it identify the client & update the client’s webpage?

My guess is that probably this is part of the GitHub backend code that is proprietary to GitHub and not available as open source. But if you’re interested in how this type of technology works, you could look at GitLab CE, which is open source and works in a very similar manner (Issues/PRs references in commits auto-updated them, etc.)

I thought Github was open source, but unfortunately it was acquired by Microsoft.

I checked, gitlab is using sse, which is not an ideal solution for me.

GitHub is built upon a huge variety of tools and components, some of which are open source (by GitHub or third parties), and others that are proprietaries. It’s always been like this, even before the MS acquisition.

I have no clue regarding how these backend details work. But if you manage to reuse some open source components, like those from GitLab, you have the benefits that these will always be updated (as long as GitLab is active), which is in itself a good incentive, as opposed to adopting a third party component that could soon become stale due to lack of usage.