How Github Action logs work right now feels deeply anti collaborative and bad

It seems to me the current default behavior of how Github Action logs work right now is deeply anti collaborative and bad:

  • “Sign in for the full log view” - not only is this extremely annoying, it’s an actual problem when I’m reporting a bug that showed in my CI and mentioned my logs and now the dev is like “well I can’t see the log, so I can’t help you”. Really not the right default for an open source project, if you ask me, and the repo otherwise being open. This means logs should also be open.

  • “Raw Log” needs to be a non-expiring permanent link with anonymous access that can be shared. The button is just too hidden in the current UI for users not using Github Actions a lot, and the non-raw log view is almost unusable with longer logs, IMHO. So I need to be able to link longer logs without that laggy, half working UI around it.

I get private repos might want to trim some of this openness down, but I think the current defaults are really hurting collaboration in open projects. Is there a way to change this at all? And I think the defaults for this for non-private repos should be revisited. At the very least, there should be an obvious way to change it.


Hi there @ell1e :wave:

Thank you so much for calling out these troublesome workflow (not a pun, I swear) experiences with Actions logs!

The best path forward here would be to submit these suggestions via our feedback form, here:

These submissions get sent directly to our Product Management teams for review and consideration. While there’s no guarantee to be implemented, we do put effort into publishing to our public roadmap:

…when they are in the pipeline.

If there is anything else you would like to call out, please keep the conversation going.

Thank you again for helping us improve!