How does "Used by" work?


There are already some topics on problems with the “Used by” feature, about dependants not being listed or GitHub failing to identify the packages that the repository provides.

The latter case is the trigger for this topic. More specifically, GitHub doesn’t infere that the repository here provides the packages python-telegram-bot and python-telegram-bot-raw on Admittedly, it’s probably not easy, as in we have something like name=f'python-telegram-bot{raw_ext}'.

Still, I’d of course like for the dependents to be listed. So my question is basically two-fold:

  1. How can I achievie this for my specific use case?
  2. Is there any documentation on how exactly GitHub checks if a repository contains a package? Here I found which files are checked for dependencies, but not for dependents . If there is not, can it be added somewhere? I’ll happily PR to the docs, but I would need the info :slight_smile:

Bonus question: If GitHub can not automatically infere the provided package/s, can we have an option to manually set those? That could e.g. be verified by checking that the GitHub repo referenced on the project page of the corresponding package manager.

I’d be happy for hints!

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Hi @Bibo-Joshi :wave: We saw that this was your first post and wanted to welcome you to the GitHub Community & the forum :tada:

A member of the Community team saw your post and they are reaching out to the product manager to share a link to your post and to request some feedback. If there is anything else you want to share please keep commenting in the thread.

Again, welcome! We’re happy you’re here :blush:


Hi @ettaboyle , thanks for your kind reply :slight_smile: Happy to hear that my question is being forwarded!

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Hi @Bibo-Joshi , thanks for your patience here.

I reassigned the python-telegram-bot and python-telegram-bot-raw packages to your repository.
I suspect that your assumptions about the file for the name may have made it difficult for our algorithm to find the proper package association.

There currently is no option to manually set these package associations.


Thank you very much, @ernest-phillips !

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Actually, I have a follow-up question (please tell, if I should instead open a new topic): IISC packages that are not shipped via a package manager but can be installed from a github repo directly are not tracked. E.g. our repo ptbcontrib would be listed in a requirements.txt as git+ Would it maybe be an idea to track that aswell? From my naive point of few that should be pretty easy to parse from requirements files … Then again, I don’t know how common that is for languages other than python …

Those types of packages are not tracked and would be overlooked for manifest detection.

If you like, you can submit a request for this functionality through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request.

You can also keep an eye on our Changelog as well as the GitHub public roadmap to see features we are working on.

Allright, will do that :slight_smile: Thanks!