How does my university provide the Developer's Pack to Students?

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First post, please be gentle.

I understand that students can apply for the Student Developer Pack individually, which is great.

However, if my university applies for the GitHub Campus Program, will we be able to give students access to the Student Developer Pack? I see one of the benefits of the Campus Program is that university gets “automatic” access to the Developer Pack.

What does “automatic” mean?

Thank you so much in advance for your answer.

David P.

I just entered my student address and the name of my university to get the Student’s Developer Pack.

The process of applying is described here:

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Great. Thank you.

Do you know if your university is a part of the GitHub Education Campus Program? This may be what “automatic” means.

As far as I know my University isn’t partnered with GitHub and If I Understand the docs correctly, you can’t apply manually If your University is a partner. Then your email is directly part of that program

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Excellent. I think that is the answer I was looking for.

Thank you!