How does bitcoin network verify transaction is allowed by each user?

Hi, I’m interested in the cryptocurrency because I don’t know it well, and people talk it’s evolution of network.
Therefore, I’m reading bitcoin’s white paper first, and planing to read Ether.

So, here’s my question.
How can bitcoin public the transaction but knows it was permitted by each user?

For example,
Let’s set owner A wants to send 1 btc to owner B.

  1. A’s private key is sent to the transaction node, A and B’s public key is sent to transaction node.

  2. A and B’s public key is sent to the transaction node.

Which is right?

If 1 is right, then transaction node can hack the A’s wallet.
If 2 is right, then transaction node can make a fake transaction.

Each way have problem.
How did bitcoin solved it?

I think, transaction must made by each owner.
But it’s not…
I really need help…

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