How do you retrieve a file from Github desktop?

I’ve been committing versions of my code through VS Code and want to revert to a previous version using Github Desktop. As I understand it I have to “Revert this commit” from History and then recommit it?

I’ve tried doing this. The app first warns me about committing a conflicted file and then I get a “Commit failed - exit code 1 received” error. I googled the error and apparently this can happen if there are nested repositories. I had initially created a copy of the repo inside the original repo as recommended on a site I’d read. When I couldn’t see a use for it I deleted it using file explorer and it doesn’t show up at all when I select “Repository list”.

Any ideas on where I go from here?


About reverting commits on GitHub Desktop, you can reference the Official documentation below:

In addition, the “GitHub Actions” zone is used to discussion the GitHub Actions workflows. If you have any questions or problems about workflows, you can post tickets here for support, and we will provide the help as much as we can.

About the question of GitHub Desktop, you can post your tickets to the “How to use Git and GitHub” zone for more detailed help.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ok, thanks. I’ll post in the other zone.