How do you organize or manage your repogitories?

Hello, I’ve just created my github account and I will push some of my work to my github
But It’s confused, I don’t know which is the better way to organize my files.

I have 4 folders on local. Each one has a html file, a css file and a javascript file.

Like this.

carousel.js + html + css
caculator.js + html + css
counter.js + html + css
todolist.js + html + css

Should I make 4 repositories and push a project per repo?
Is there any way that I can make just one repo like “my-javascript-practices” and push them all together?

Which is better way to have well-organized github? lol

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Hello @joyact, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

I think it ultimately depends on the project and what you want to do. Are each of these HTML pages a separate project? If so, you can create a repository for each one.

Of course, if you want to combine them all into one repository, you can safely do that as well. My recommendation if you’re going to do that, is to create a sub-folder in the repo for each project so you can keep things organized and easy to locate.

As for my personal preference, I prefer to keep each project to a separate repo.