How do you manage a team of code reviewers?

How are you supposed to manage a team of code reviewers? I want to know:

  • the time it takes to give feedback
  • who was assigned from a team to the request

Really, what I want is this dashboard by Pluralsight and was hoping to replicate it with the API.
I have a team set up for auto assignments using CODEOWNERS but as many people have complained, the requested-team and requested-reviewer fields drop out once someone does the request. When this happens, it makes it very hard to follow the timeline of the request. Am I supposed to go:
Team > Repos > PRs > Reviews > [is any reviewer on the team]

What I don’t like about this method is that the team hasn’t always been a collaborator and I’ll have to put some time restriction on when to look into the repos for the association to the teams and then try to match back reviewers to members of my team. It also won’t differentiate code-review that was done out of the scope of our CODEOWNERS rules. Meaning, the rules right now look for scripts in the Code/ folder, but if someone requests review on scratch-work in a different folder, this method won’t help me differentiate between the auto-assignment and the one-off request by the developer for someone who happens to be on the code-review team.

Instead, I want to go
Team > [all PRs ever requested to team] > Reviews

What would be even nicer would be a board for the team. Can you imagine, a nice kanban automation of the current state of all PRs my team is and was responsible for? With those fields clearing out, it makes this impossible to track.

You might say, “use an app” or “use a bot” but we have heavy restrictions with our GitHub Enterprise admins and I have limited options in that regard.

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