How do you Delete a Post in This Forum?

Hi guys!

I’m not sure if this board is the best place to ask this question but there’s no other board to. So my question is, how do you delete a post in this forum? I want to delete my posts that has no answers in them, and I don’t know how.

If you need more explanation, please let me know!

Thank you @infinite-dreams, for reaching out with this question!

No explanation needed, I can get those removed for you.  Can you please list which posts you want to have removed?

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My List:

1. How do you upload a picture in VS Code?

2. There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here 404 Error PLEASE HELP!!


3. OperationalError at /admin/movies/genre/

Thanks @nyahbhinghiprincess !

All set @infinite-dreams, those 3 have been removed!

Thank you for the listing.


Thank you, @nyahbhinghiprincess !

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess, I was trying to post a reply to a question in a forum topic I had started but the bots kept on marking my replies as spam and deleting them (why I’m not sure). I woke up to then find that all of my attempts had been restored so there are now 3 posts under the topic “GitHub Actions Failing with [Errno 28] No space left on device” that are replies to user weide-zhou that have the same content. Can you please delete all but one of those replies on the thread?

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Hi @matthewfeickert !

We apologize for that.  Our spam filter is very much still learning and sometimes it makes mistakes like in this case. I’ll clean up the copies of your post in that thread.

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Nothing to appologize about! Thank you very much though, I really appreciate you helping me and keeping the topic readable. :slight_smile:

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I would like to delete this post too:

key error : python not recognizing the names of my csv columns imported with pandas

Cause I have solved my problem already. Thanks. 

Can I also get deleted? Thank you in advance!

EDIT: never mind this post has responses and now has a solution.


Could I also have Plotly and cufflink install issues with Python in ATOM [module error module not found] deleted as I solved it myself and do not want to digitally litter!

Thank you,