How do you build MPC-HC in Linux?

Dear All,

I am very new to Linux; I have installed PoP! Os, doing OK with it and I am desperately trying to understand how do you build MPC-HC player in Linux as there is no such thing as an .exe file (as in Windows), or even a flatpack. I have not managed to find anything in the web that makes to me as a complete newbie.

All I know is how to open a Terminal and copy/paste commands if there are already written somewhere.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have a set of instructions I can copy and paste into terminal so I can build it? I attach a link for MPC-HC in case anyone is able to help.

Very grateful for reading this.

The README in that repository says it requires Windows, and the lib/ and lib64/ directories seem to include binaries. That indicates there is no way to build it on Linux without major changes to the code. C and C++ code as such can be compiled for either platform, but if it relies on OS-specific interfaces or libraries that doesn’t help, because on another platform those interfaces won’t be available.

Unless you want to port the code (that means change it to work on a different platform) there are two options:

  • If you don’t need MPC-HC specifically, find another media player. There are a lot of options with very different features, my personal favorite is mpv.
  • Try if the Windows binaries for MPC-HC work on Linux with Wine. Wine provides a lot of Windows APIs on Linux to let you run Windows software, but I don’t know if it works for MPC-HC specifically.