How do you ask another repository a question?

I have finally found some other repositories (thanks to Google, not Git Hub) and I want to ask questions about usage.

The projects have tabs for Issues, Pull Requets, etc., why is there not a discussion section or forum for each project?

I feel like Git Hub thinks their job is just to provide the incredibly awesome site to host your code. People need to communicate to learn, that is how our species evolved from the stone age to the Git Hub age.

I hate to create an issue and say ‘How do I do…’, but that seems to be the only way Git Hub expects us to communicate.

Am I missing something? I realize I may be the only person not on social media because I do not own a cell phone and can’t use any services like Twitter (nor do I want to).


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Hello @datajuggler,

As you mentioned, the only way to ask a question in a repository is to use the issues section, unless of course the project has specifically set up another means for asking questions, such as a forum for example. Repositories by default have a “question” label for issues that are questions, so don’t worry about opening a new issue just to ask one.


I guess I was categorizing issues as ‘Work Items’.

The new issue box isnt there for me how am I able to ask a question?