How do you access private repos in workflow actions via bitbake?

Hoping this is the best community to ask my question.

We have a project with multiple private repos. Our Yocto build process using bitbake to compile our image. Bitbake recipes access the repos directly to pull the code (this is not the typical pull all source code and run make).

When running bitbake I get the following error.
“fatal: could not read Username for ‘’: No such device or address”

I’ve tried both http and ssh access from within the recipe as well as adding this to my yaml file.

- name: Configure Git
  run: |
    git config --unset-all "http."
    git config --add "http." "AUTHORIZATION: Basic $(base64 <<< ${{ secrets.TOKEN }}:x-oauth-basic)"

I’m assuming I need secrets setup but as this is running natively in actions there is no “user” per se’ so not sure how to apply any secrets to my project/repos/yaml file.

I’m trying to get this wrapped up this year so any help would be greatly appreciated.