How do i use atom with github?

So I newly started using atom and GitHub and I noticed I can link them
but I still don’t know how…
neither did any online tutorial help me :frowning:
I need help plz :beginner:

Atom hooks in with git (and subsequently GitHub) automatically. Simply open a folder/project in atom that links to a git repo and then open the git panel in the bottom right side. Let me know if you have issues with this!

The official link for the GitHub atom integration can be found here:

how do i do dat doe
i downloaded both github and git ;-;

Hm, not sure what you mean. The above link should walk you through it all.

ok, I guess ¯_(ツ)_¯
I will check on that
aaand no it doesn’t tell me anything
it just tells me what the GitHub Extention does thats all

Please check out the atom docs linked here: GitHub package

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i read that but it still doesnt tell me anything about how do i connect them
i just want to know how to log-in to my github account in the githab package
but i never found anything that usefull

You have to open a folder on your computer that was cloned down from GitHub, it will link automatically and use your globally setup git credentials.


worked thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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