How do I turn of jekyll?

Please explain in the most detail you can as I am very new to this. almost everywhere I go its “add a file called “.nojekyll”” but this doesn’t work for me, I am assuming since it is never specified that the file can be a .txt but it still doesn’t work. please help

hello. you should be able to go into the settings of the repo, see a “theme chooser” and disable it.

Thats to turn off the theme, i mean turning off jekyll entirely so I can open folders through my page that start with dots or under scores as jekyll skips them in the building process when my websites viewed

I don’t understand what you mean. The exact file name has to be .nojekyll, not .nojekyll.txt. It’s not expected to have any content, but it could have any content, as merely its presence is checked to determine if Jekyll is supposed to be turned off.

I mean no matter what type of file i put there called .nojekyll jekyll still does jekyll things so I cant figure out how to turn it off, sorry for any confusion

Ok, my idiot brain figured it out. Open your repo that has the site stuff, same branch, and click on the “new file” thing, not from the desktop app. then type the name as .nojekyll and commit it. has t be from the web idk why and your website wont load load when you do it from my experience but it gets the job done for mypurpose