How do I transfer contributions to another account

I am talking about the contributions that show up as a grid in my user profile. I have two accounts, one for work, one for personal use, and I want for my work account contributions to show on my personal account as well.

The reason for that is because once I will not work for the current company anymore and they will close/delete my email, I will lose access to that account, I will be left with only my personal account, and it will appear as if I didn’t do any work, for future employers.

How do I link the activity from one account to another, both being mine? One of them has as primary email my personal email, and the other has as primary email the email I was given from work.

just simply add the email tied to those commits in the other account,

of course, it should be deleted first at the user that you want to abandon

I’m not very sure when the company deleted your work email or whether you can still claim it, maybe you can ask here

My company didn’t delete my email yet, but they will most likely do it once I stop working there in the future.

So I need to first delete the work email from the work account, and add the work email into my personal account. I guess I will do that at the very end before resigning.

What about when I’ll lose access to the work email though? What happens when they will eventually delete it? Will the contributions dissapear as well?

when you just lose the access, you can still add it unverified and the commits will be added

this is I’m not very sure of that’s why I said try asking it at contact

or maybe some member of the GitHub Staff here knows the answer and will comment,