How do I sync changes from source repo to my forked repo?

I hope this is the correct spot for my question. I was wondering how I can sync the changes from pret/pokegold-spaceworld into my fork of eisnerguy1/pokegold-spaceworld-restore? I’ve seen a lot of possible solutions online using command line but, I wanted to know what’s the best way to sync changes from the source repo to my forked repo.

I tried creating a new pull request but, the commits from the source repo didn’t show up in the commits in my fork. Is that something that I can do? I would like to be able to see the commits from the source repo in my forked repo commits if possible. It would be easier for me to keep track of what changes have been made.


Using the cli (or some git client) is the way to do it. There isn’t a way via the web ui. (That I know of.)

Just announced, you can now do this via the web ui: