How do I stop using custom domain for my github page?

I tried to just clear the input box but failed.

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It said No changes to custom domain.

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Do you have a CNAME file in your repository? If you do, you’ll need to delete it.

Thanks @canuckjacq
Deleted, but still cannot leave the custom domain blank.

It looks as though you had two branches deployed. I’ve fixed that now so only the delta-refactor branch is deployed. Give it an hour and check back, just so everything has a chance to work.

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Could you try changing your publishing source to the master branch?

But it has already been deployed on master branch 40m ago.

Which content are you expecting to see when you load your site? (is it the index.html, for example?)

Yes, the index.html in master branch.

Can you try loading your site now?

In fact I’m working on ForkFG/HardWayNazo, and its page is correctly deployed.
When I visit, I’m redirected to my custom domain.

Oh it works now. Thanks very much!

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That’s fantastic. There was something a bit glitchy going on in the background, but it should behave for you now.

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