How do I sign commits with GPG keys while using Dreamweaver built in git support?

I am having a problem signing my commits when I use the git support built into Dreamweaver.  Basically when I make a commit in Dreamweaver, the commit fails because it cant sign the commit with my GPG key as it claims the directory does not exist.

When I try to commit using the terminal, I can sign my commit and my signature shows as verified on GitHub.

I realise that is party a Dreamweaver question and I have also posted a help request in the Dreamweaver support forums but I also wanted to post the question here as well because here is where all the git and github experts are.

Has anyone else had a problem signing their commits when using Dreamweaver built in git support?  Does anybody know how to fix this issue as nobody over in the Dreamweaver support forum seems to know anything about git beyond an unhelpful setup page.

Its not a problem for me to switch to Terminal to commit for now but I would rather be able to do everything from the one program rather than breaking my workflow by opening something else.