How do I set the correct context for

maybe the topic is a little misleading, sadly I didn’t find a better one.
So my account is part of a GitHub Enterprise organization, where SAML login is configured and required.
When I want to use this forum (, it requires me to authenticate with SAML. In fact my actions here have nothing to do with that particular organization. How can I make this clear, so that I don’t need to SAML authenticate here?

Hi @elgohr,

Thank you for reaching out with this question and we are so glad to have you here in the community!  At the moment, the sign-in credentials to the GitHub Community Forum are tied to that of the sign-in for your account. 

We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, so I’ve logged your feedback in our internal feature request list.  Presently, in order to have a separate login method, or separate profile in the community forum, you would need to be signing in with an account that is independent of your Enterprise Organization.

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thank you for the feedback.
As Github Terms & Conditions require one account per natural person, I don’t think that this is a solution…

Edit: Second feedback: when you have special characters, like ‘&’ in a post and you edit the post, it isn’t resolved to the character again, but to the HTML representation. Are you building this board from scratch?

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Hi @elgohr,

You are correct on ToS as mentioned here in our help doc on Merging multiple user accounts ; I apologize for the misunderstanding.  My example was just to imply that having a separate login method into the GitHub Community forum is not presently possible as it is linked the account.  I hope that helps to clear up the explanation used.

We appreciate the feedback on editing your post with the ampersand and other special characters.  I’ve taken your insight and passed it along to the appropriate teams!


Seems to be fixed, as only the repositories require a special login now. Thank you!