How do I see an itemized Actions charges?

My Actions charges blew out my $200 budget two days after it renewed.
How do I see an itemized statement of what is costing me so much?

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Organisation > Billing & plans > Usage this month > “Get usage report”

You’ll then receive an email containing a CSV of individual costs, for example:

Date Product Repository Slug Quantity Unit Type Price Per Unit Actions Workflow Notes
2021-06-16 shared storage example/repository 0.0 gb $0.25
2021-06-24 actions example/repository 2 UBUNTU $0.008 .github/workflows/example.yml

There are additional charges for package storage and data transfer out which includes the storage used by Actions (as described here).

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Thank you fo the reply @shrink. Your response directly answered my question.
As these things usually go - one question leads to another.
I asked it here Where did all the time (host minutes) go?
TLDR; The 3000 minutes included with my paid plan are unaccounted for in the Billing & plans “Get usage report” Whomever design the report only considered billable time rather than “included” time.

@andy-brainome I have reviewed my own usage report and I can see that included minutes for private repositories are captured[1]. As I understand it, the report captures the usage and cost before considering any included minutes – however, it doesn’t capture Action usage for public repositories.

The minutes used by a specific Run of a Workflow are listed on the Workflow Run page itself. Navigate to the repository > Actions > Pick a Workflow Run > Click on “Billable time” in the Workflow Stats. A common pitfall when measuring Workflow minutes usage is the difference between a Workflow and a job. A matrix strategy, for example, can trigger hundreds of jobs: it’s possible for a 1-hour Workflow to use thousands of minutes.

If you’re confident that the minutes in your usage report aren’t representative of the minutes used, I definitely recommend reaching out to GitHub Support. They’re very responsive and helpful, you should be able to get this squared away with their direct insight into your account :slight_smile:

[1] I am well within my limit and I see the following: