How do I run the following github respository

I’m attempting to run this code on surface networks that I got from a github repo and I’m having some trouble getting it to work.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to run? I tried to cd into src/as_rigid_as_possible and then I ran python and I kept getting a file not found error. I’m also confused about how the data is being loaded in. Is it loading in that cube.ply object in the meshes folder? If someone can help me run this then that would be appreciated.

You might consider submitting an issue with your question in the repository.

What is the specific error message?

A casual examination of the code suggests it is going to read the dataset from a subdirectory under “as_rigid_as_possible” called “data_plus”. This is unclear, but it appears the dataset consists of files which end in “npy” - not certain if that is part of the filename or the extension.

I don’t see a dataset in the repository proper. You might look at downloading the dataset(s) mentioned in the readme.