How do I retrieve the long index diff from a GitHub private repo?

When I run the git diff <commit hash> command from my local machine that has a clone of a git repo it returns a diff with a short index hash. For example.

index 0a6ec33…16b8dd1 100644

How do I get the long index hash of 0a6ec33 and 16b8dd1 from GitHub? 

I know I can use git rev-parse <index short hash> to convert the short hash to a long hash from the local machine if the local machine has a clone of the git repo, but in this case I’m trying to get the information from the GitHub repo.


If you’re asking about how to do this through the UI, you can go to the URL for the commits for your repository and add the short hash to it. Then you’ll see the long hash in the header for the commit information. For example:

I hope that helps!